My name is Rolando Candanosa. I am an amateur artist, writer and alchemist out of Dallas, Tx. 

I fell in love with the strange and occult at a very early age. My grandfather was a medium, he would say that "the gift" is hereditary and apparently mom got the abilities from him and perhaps they were passed down to me, hence my passion for the otherworldly. Hopefully, my art can reflect a little about myself and find its way to the home of other like-minded people. 

Although I would love to do these prints and such for a profit (college life is expensive), I am always open for trades and such, so let me know if you want some trading action to take place. 

You can always find out more about me in my social media accounts. You can find me as "Candanosa" on Twitter and Instagram. Here are a few links:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OpusMagnusArt
Twitter: www.twitter.com/OpusMagnusOfcl or www.twitter.com/candanosa
Instagram: www.instagram.com/candanosa

I also have a personal website where I post some of my art as it develops from a sketch to a complete product and write articles about things that interest me. You can check that out at www.opusmagn.us

Thank you for tanking you time to look at my page and my art!